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First in the series! The book that started it all!

It's a plot directed at the oil lifeline of the West, hatched in the Kremlin's dark citadels and played out in the heat-swept deserts of the Middle East. It's the perfect job for Scorpion - the American loner raised by the Bedouins; the Harvard dropout, war veteran and CIA assassin.

But his enemies set a lure even Scorpion can't resist - the abduction of the beautiful daughter of a powerful U.S. senator, the prelude to an act of shocking betrayal.


"Scorpion is the kind of guy you would want on your side in a nasty street fight and the book is one you would want if you can't zap the KGB for real." -- United Press International

"Fasten your seat belts for high adventure with the best secret agent in the Middle East and the greatest master of the close escape since James Bond... SCORPION is a supercharged thriller . . . It has everything . . . And Andrew Kaplan, who interweaves these elements in an intricate and ingenious plot, proves as nimble in delineating character and evoking exotic locales as he is in sustaining razor edged excitement." -- Mystery News

"A fast paced, supercharged thriller." --Kirkus Reviews

"Pure Dynamite... espionage laced with high voltage Middle East adventure." –-Washington Times

"An exciting thriller with nonstop action... The book truly reads like 'James Bond in Arabia' and, once started, is hard to put down." --Tulsa Daily World

"Terrorism, double crosses and a blood feud... The plot has more twists than a tornado, including a totally unexpected finale." --The Drood Review

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