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They call him Sawyer. He is perhaps the best agent American intelligence has. Now at the Vietnamese Army prepares to invade Thailand, Sawyer's superiors call on him to avert a new Southeast Asia war, one even bloodier than Vietnam.

So begins a desperate journey into the forbidden hill country of the Golden Triangle, a world of rival warlords, opium smugglers and savage tribesmen, a jade world of bamboo jungles where violence rules and anything is permitted.


"A smashing, sexy and unforgettable read." --Publishers Weekly

"Kaplan takes the thriller genre at its word, moving as fast as Ludlum but with ten times the eye for settings and crisp characterization." --Kirkus Reviews

"In a word, terrific... The pace is blistering, the atmosphere menacing and decadent, and author Andrew Kaplan is in marvelously smashing form." --New York Daily News

"Brimming with action." --Washington Post Book World

"Successfully blends sex, suspense, sustained action, an exotic location, and historic plausibility... a superior thriller that is a memorable and entertaining reading experience." --Library Journal

"Unrelenting suspense." --Booklist

"The characters and locales are brilliantly etched... the plot is riveting." --London Times

"Excellent... pulsates with intrigue and dramatic suspense. A powerful read." --#1 NY Times bestselling author Clive Cussler

"Steamy, erotic, spellbinding fiction with more twists and turns than Hitchcock and Graham Greene combined." –-Roderick Thorp, author of Die Hard and The Detective

"Andrew Kaplan surpasses the genre... a suspenseful, breathless story." –-Warren Adler, author of War of the Roses

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